We started.  David and I walked 15.25 miles today, from Cape Henlopen State Park to Milton, DE.  That’s just about one half of one percent of the full 3164 mile walk.  And it was everything we wanted it to be: forgettable.  No detours, no crazy drivers, nothing unexpected.  I’m sure the whole rest of the walk will be exactly like that.

We were met by three die-hard friends at our starting point.  Who else but dear buddies would show up at 8:30 on a Sunday morning, when it’s 23 degrees outside and blowing 1000 mph?  Craig and Jo Ann McLean, as well as Rita Salisbury showed up to send us off.  Craig, in truest form – as either a good Scotsman, or a crazy Jerseyite – even provided finely distilled liquid courage for the toasts.

Then the moment of truth came.  We marched to the sea, dipped our heels in the icy Atlantic and headed West.

With blessings from Peg and Alanna we wiped the silly smirks off our faces and made like Lewis and Clark.

Tomorrow we’ll get back on the road, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and add another 0.48% to the tally.  Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “0.48%

  1. Lewis & Clark didn’t officially start until St. Louis! Rick & Dave until you hit St. Louis (it will be like crossing into the Arctic Circle (or is the party when you cross the equator?)


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