The Route

A number of friends have asked to see the details of the route I’ve planned for the walk.  Below is a screen shot of the Google Earth rendition of the route, including waypoints for each day, as currently scheduled (assuming a 3 FEB start):


I also have the very detailed “turn-by-turn” tracks for each of the ~50 legs of the walk, but I’ll save that for those who plan on joining me.


One thought on “The Route

  1. I’d like to walk with you for a bit when you are in Oregon. I learned of your walk through Cal Tigner who described you as “his brother-in law’s brother-in-law”. My wife and I walked across England in 2015 and will be making a trek in Scotland this year. I’m also a member of the Obsidians, an outdoor group in Eugene Oregon. I hope this brief background gives you enough info to think i might be an acceptable companion for a day when you reach Oregon. Please contact me for more information.


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