False start

“No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.”  Helmuth von Moltke.

fullsizerenderIn this case the enemy is the forces of nature. With Bend, Oregon experiencing one of the worst winters in a quarter century, the snow and ice has delayed construction of our new home. The originally planned departure date of 3 February for the long walk home has therefore been postponed to 3 March.

Too much to do right now to post a lengthy blog, but rest assured, the Long Walk Home starts in just over a month!

One thought on “False start

  1. Hola Rick,

    I just checked your blog so see how it’s going, but I guess the walk actually starts tomorrow (Mar 3). I should have sent you my copy of the history of Mao’s Long March for inspiration. I wish I were coming with you, but at the moment I’m deep into a total rewrite of HydroLight.

    Cheers, Curt


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